You can't die from laughing, can you?

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I am so excited to share the news that my book “The Name of the Rosé” has been selected by the production team at TaleFlick as a contender to be turned into a movie or TV show. It is now open on the website for 3 days of voting. My goal is to get 2,500 votes!


Who couldn’t use some fun, laughs and a quirky mystery brought to you by a feisty women’s wine club and a diving yellow Lab?

"The Name Of The Rosé" is LIVE in the TaleFlick Discovery contest.

Head over to the to vote (once) to agree that "The Name of the Rosé" should be made into a movie. Use the search field to find the book.

Votes are open for three consecutive days, starting right now (Wednesday at 10am PT) and ending this Friday at 4pm PT.


On sale now!

Clarets of Fire.jpg
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