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Book Club Discussion Questions

1. How has Halsey's life changed in the year that she has been living on Rose Avenue?

2. The relationship between Halsey and her neighbor Marisol is certainly an intense one. How would you characterize it and do you have friendships like theirs?

3. The Rose Avenue Wine Club is comprised of ladies of many ages and walks of life. Besides their love of the grape what do you think binds them together through thick and thin?

4. Jack seems to be a really great guy and it's clear that he has deep feelings for Halsey. Why does she keep pushing him away when things get close and do you think that theirs is a relationship that will last?

5. How has this story formed or changed your image of Los Angeles?

6. Bardot and Marisol seem to know things well before the others. Is this real or imagined?

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