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MAR VISTA FIRE, 5/7/2017

The street was a sea of red as fire trucks arrived and deployed first responders from every direction. Brown and orange billows of thick smoke were quickly erasing the blue sky in exchange for an eerie glow. A crowd had started to gather in front of the gas station across the street from the strip mall.

Clarets of Fire.jpg

The general aviation, single runway Santa Monica Airport blossomed in 1926, when it became the home of the Douglas Aircraft Company, known for developing the air travel innovation the DC-3. Today, the airport hosts hangars for small planes, a dog park, and sports fields. It is still a vital resource during times of emergencies such as fires and earthquakes.

The Name of the Rose.jpg
Ocean View Farms

This area is home to a local little league and a community garden offering six acres of 15 by 15 foot plots of incredibly rich soil that seems to defy even the least adept of horticulturists. The open land has been preserved for decades despite continuous offers from drooling real estate developers.

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